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Our Story


ARMS Pharmaceutical LLC, a drug development company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, was founded to develop a portfolio of products targeted at respiratory tract health, a $12 billion market.


ARMS has a strong intellectual property portfolio and has carried out in vitro studies and clinical trials on ARMS-I, it's leading drug candidate, with the goal of preventing and treating viral upper respiratory infections (“vURTIs”).

  • ARMS Pharmaceutical plans to pursue approval  through the New Drug regulatory pathway 

  • The company has obtained method of use and composition patents 

  • The company has in vitro data on ARMS-I against a variety of upper respiratory viruses


ARMS Pharmaceutical plans to eventually seek FDA approval of ARMS-I, as a drug for the treatment and/or prevention of specific viral upper respiratory tract infections (collectively, "vURTIs"). 

ARMS-I's is being studied for patients exposed to airborne pathogens that cause vURTIs, as well as individuals who develop early stage symptoms of vURTI’s. 

ARMS-I is administered through a portable oral spray that is applied before or during exposure to airborne pathogens. In short, ARMS-I is being designed as an antiviral drug to provide “first response” prophylaxis and potential treatment against vURTIs.

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