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Welcome to ARMS Pharmaceutical

ARMS Pharmaceutical, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, was founded to develop a portfolio of products targeted at respiratory tract health, a $12 billion market. ARMS has a strong intellectual property portfolio and in vitro and clinical studies on its ARMS platform to prevent and treat viral upper respiratory infections. The Company's lead drug candidate is ARMS-I which we are evaluating in regard to influenza (IND with FDA) and COVID-19 (IND submission in process). 


Unmet Medical Need

ARMS-I is being studied for the treatment and prevention of infection due to influenza, COVID-10 and other viral upper respiratory infections ("vURTI's").

The patient population being studied are patients exposed to airborne pathogens that cause vURTIs, as well as individuals who develop early stage symptoms of vURTI’s.

Our Science

The current thinking regarding the ARMS-I mechanism of action is that it combines a barrier with a virucidal agent that prevents and treats vURTIs.

It is believed that this combination may prevent viruses from binding to the host’s mucosa, thereby potentially inhibiting viral replication and preventing and treating infection.


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